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Grain-free Foods with Grocery Coupons

While many stores offer coupons for processed and premade foods, there are ways to find grain-free and low carb foods that are budget-friendly. Some online stores also offer coupon and promo codes for supplements, protein bars, soups, and other products.

Online Stores and Rewards Programs

Online retailers accept coupons and offer discounts on products such as zero-calorie syrups, low carb dressings and breads, and meats and seafood. There is a large selection of foods to choose from, including sea scallops, cod loin, basa fillets, and others. In fact, some retailers even feature low carb rewards programs to attract more customers. Clients are offered the chance to earn points that can be redeemed. Some programs offer 10 points per each dollar spent on purchases (much like credit cards). Delivery charges, gift card purchases, and taxes are excluded. Customers are automatically enrolled when making a purchase. Another option is to sign up in-store. Some retailers offer promotions and more points to attract clients. For example, customers earn bonus points on a selection of products during promotions. Points can be redeemed for their cash value or for discounts.

Products Offered

Retailers that feature rewards programs offer a gamut of low carb products such as gluten free foods, nutritional supplements, ready to eat meals, Atkins products, and a lot more. They also offer drink mixes, shakes, protein mixes, sauces, salsas, and meal helpers. Milk alternatives are also offered. What is more, online retailers also provide useful information and reviews on different low carb plans such as the low GI, Dukan, Dr. Poon’s Metabolic Diet, Atkins, and others. They offer information on low carbing, protein supplements, count carbing, ketosis, and more.

Other Strategies

One idea is to create price lists or books that show sale and standard prices. This way, you will know when certain retailers offer great deals or discounts. And there are different ways to find coupons – online, magazines, newspapers, and so on. To save even more, you can make use of advanced couponing strategies. For example, some retailers accept competitors’ coupons. Picking up newspapers while travelling is also a good idea. You will collect more coupons this way. Check the Sunday paper as well. If you see that the coupons offered will save you $10 or $15, it makes sense to buy extra papers. You may want to combine coupons and sales as well. Just look for get one free sales and use your buy one get one free coupons. Stacking coupons is yet another option to make the most of rebates and sales. You will save money by combining store and manufacturer coupons. Look for clearance prices as well. Coupons may be available for products on the clearance rack. What is more, some retailers offer customers the opportunity to double and even triple their savings.